Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The vans include insurance for trips in the UK, mileage up to 200 miles per day and breakdown cover.

Due to the nature of hiring a campervan, there are just a few regulations that need to be met to ensure the vehicle owner's insurance covers you and your trip. Please see below the terms and criteria:

Driver criteria

The Hirer and any driver:

i) are not under the age of 23 or over 75 years of age.

ii) has held a full UK or EU licence for a minimum of two years.

iii) has not had their licence suspended for any period within the last three years.

iv)has not been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years.

v) has no more than two convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction.

vi) has not obtained a BA,DD or UT conviction

Security Deposit

A deposit will have been provided by a clear and traceable means such as a debit or credit card. Deposit equivalent to excess = £500.

Rental agreement

The insured vehicle shall only be let out on hire to a person who has signed and completed a rental agreement or the hirer/driver proposal for each period of hire.

Identity checks

The insured shall have completed , prior to releasing vehicle, identity checks including copies of all drivers licences and 2 utility bills dated within three months of the hire for proof of address.

In some circumstances the excess or security deposit may be increased on advice from the insurance company

Do get in touch if you have any questions.


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